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Vanilla Bean Powder: Different Uses and Storage Method


If you are fond of baking, you must have knowledge about Vanilla bean powder. Made from high-quality vanilla beans, Vanilla powder is the pure form of beans, which are dried and grounded into a pure powder. As compared to vanilla extract, the powder has more intense flavor with high level of sweetness. It is commonly used as a natural sweetener in several baking recipes. As per your taste, you can even add little sugar while preparing this powder at home.

Nutrition Profile

Vanilla is rated as wonderful spice that contains traces of calcium, potassium, manganese and magnesium. However, its nutrition profile and purity level changes based on its form. For instance, homemade vanilla bean powder made without sugar is healthier than readymade powder as it contains preservatives and chemicals.

Different Uses of Vanilla Bean Powder

  1. The pure powder made from high-quality vanilla beans is easy to sprinkle on chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts or in any toast for getting fragrant flavor. The powder makes a great addition to waffle mixes and pancake.
  2. Many people add the powder in coffee or tea to get natural sweet taste and fragrant aroma.
  3. Certain baked good that require vanilla flavor cannot handle high-heat methods. In such situations, vanilla powder makes an excellent substitute to vanilla extract.

Storage Techniques

It is easy to understand that you prefer making vanilla bean powder in large quantities at one go and use it as and when required. Though shelf life of every kind of bean is minimum 1 year, their extract and powder become unusable when not stored properly. So, dehydrate and dry the beans adequately before grounding them. And once grounded, store the vanilla bean powder in a cool and dark place. Do not forget to keep the powder in an airtight container and open the container when it is necessary.

Just like vanilla beans are expensive, so are vanilla powder. So, even if you buy the powder from the online store, you need to shell good amount of money but you will not get the pure product. This is the main reason people prefer buying beans from the market and prepare homemade vanilla powder for their usage.