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Buy Vanilla Beans in Wholesale to Use for Baking and Beauty Purposes


Have you ever wondered how vanilla ice-creams or cakes derive fruity and aromatic flavor? It is due to the presence of vanilla beans extract or powder. Vanilla beans are the second most expensive spices in the world with exhaustive uses. People as well professional chefs are buying vanilla beans at wholesale rate from online suppliers to use them for baking and beauty purposes. Yes, you heard it right! You can use these beans for making ice-creams, cakes, puddings and many other desserts. Similarly, you can glorify your skin by using vanilla beans by making homemade body scrubs and shampoo.

Vanilla Beans for Baking

As per your preferences and budgets, you can buy vanilla beans for making homemade extract or vanilla powder. You can add extract while preparing ice-creams and pancakes whereas the powder makes a common addition to coffee and smoothies. If you buy these beans in small quantity, you will find them expensive so the trick is to buy Vanilla Beans Wholesale quantity to get a discounted deal. You will get both Grade A and Grade B beans at discounted rated from the online marketplace.

Vanilla Beans for Cosmetic Products

Though one can make myriad beauty products with vanilla beans, body scrub and shampoo are the most popular ones. For making shampoo, buy vanilla bean pods, dry them and grind them with baking soda and rice. As per your preference, you can even add coco powder in the mixture. Simply apply this mixture in your tresses and wash it after half an hour. This homemade shampoo will bring lost shine in your tresses.

You can prepare a body scrub by using vanilla beans. Simply add dried vanilla pods in a mixture along with some sugar. After getting thin paste, add some aromatic oils for fragrance. Remove dead cells of your skin by applying this paste and then wash it with tap water.

So, now the choice is yours! Whether you buy vanilla beans at wholesale rate for making desserts or natural beauty products, the end result would be truly amazing.  You can buy vanilla beans in large quantity both from offline and online suppliers at affordable rates.