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Tahitian Vanilla Beans- The Worlds Most Valued Beans

It is a common question of many of the customers why are authentic Tahitian Vanilla Beans so expensive? First you need to know where the real ones come from. They come all the way from French Polynesia, which is commonly referred to as Tahiti. French Polynesia is an island in the South Pacific which consists of more than 100 islands. If you have ever been there, you will realise that time moves a bit slower there. But when surrounded by the pristine beaches, towering waterfalls, green-covered mountains, who wants the time to run fast?

Which vanilla beans are the best?

When it comes to vanilla beans, vanilla from Tahiti is the most commonly consumed one, especially in the high-end pastry kitchens, where they are used by professional chefs to prepare dishes. Its use is not limited to dishes only, the fragrance industry also uses it to make perfumes and fragrances. Vanilla from Tahiti is one of the most beautiful and highly flavorful beans, which are the most exotic ones among the other  vanilla beans. The Tahitian Vanilla Beans are much different than all the other vanilla beans found worldwide. Also, their cure is quite different.

The curing of vanilla beans

Vanilla beans that come from Tahiti are cured in a way which is very different compared to the rest of the world. Unlike others, they are not killed by water or other methods, which is a common method employed in Madagascar and other regions.  Firstly, only the ripen ones are picked one by one from the vine. It reaches the perfect ripening stage when the pods begin to turn yellow from green. After picking up, the vanilla pods are aged and this method is followed until they are just beginning to turn brown. Once they become the desired brown, the beans are then rinsed gently under cold water and are then placed in the warm afternoon sun. The next process is to wrap it in wool blankets and then for several days it is placed in boxes which are insulated from sweat.

Each day, it is spread out evenly for warming under the sun for several hours, until it becomes hot to touch and then once again it is wrapped in sweat so as to promote the flavor and for the development of aroma. Once the Tahitian Vanilla Beans lose almost 20-30 percent of their moisture, they are then gently massaged daily because this process allows the person preparing them to choose the beans which are ready for drying under shade and which ones still need the warmth of the sun. Only an expert preparer in this case completes the massaging, which is the final one, and then decides which of them is ready for sale and which beans are still in need of some more aging.  The mandatory humidity level set for the vanilla beans is currently 55 percent, and this is what distinguishes the vanilla of Tahiti from all other vanillas all over the world.

Flavor of beans from Tahiti

Those who have experienced the true Tahitian Vanilla Beans, only they can describe their pure pleasure. It gives a soft, subtle, very delicate but an intoxicating, fruity and floral flavour. No other vanilla bean in the world can be compared to this bean’s complex development method of a luxurious, aromatic flavor which is exotic and sensual and blends well with dishes which are sweet and also savory dishes. Have you ever thought that the fruit of an orchid would become the world's favourite flavour and also the second most valuable spice?

So, if you have not tried this exclusive vanilla from Tahiti, you are truly missing a major favourable spice, you must definitely give it a try. It goes just perfectly great chocolates or with summer fruits like berries, peaches, coconut and more. From this incredible bean, notes of red wine, cherry and other fruits shine through.