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Purchase Vanilla Planifolia Bean Pods From Sale for Culinary Purposes


You might have heard that chefs recommend using vanilla bean pods purchased from sale to make vanilla ice-creams and other desserts. If you have already heard the term, you get the idea what they are talking about. But if it is an alien term for you, then let’s understand the real meaning of vanilla bean pods.

Vanilla beans are actually pod-shaped fruits grown on a orchid of the genus Vanilla, a 100 year old specie native to Northern Southern America and Tropical Central America. These pods are approximately 6-12 inches long and contain thousands of tiny seeds, which remain stick to the pod walls. These pods are high on vanilla flavor and aroma, which is obtainable from the sticky resin surrounding the pod wall and the seeds. Though vanilla beans are grown in over 150 varieties but only a handful of varieties are used for culinary purposes. These varieties are as follows:

  1. Vanilla Planifolia: This variety of vanilla bean is the most popular due to the highest vanillin content in the world. Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar are the best examples of Vanilla Planifolia variety with high aroma and flavor. Though Mexican and Indonesian variety also belongs to this category but they are less popular due to the presence of less vanillin. For getting the best deal, purchase bourbon Vanilla bean pods from sale via an online marketplace.
  2. Tahitensis: Vanilla tahitensis is one of the rare varieties of Vanilla bean pods that have a unique floral aroma. This variety contains less vanillin than Madagascar vanilla but falls in an expensive category due to few growing regions.
  3. Pompona: This is the West Indian vanilla specie, which is the least popular. This contains the least amount of vanillin of all orchids and therefore it is not considered as an ideal variety for culinary uses.

Whether you want to prepare homemade vanilla powder or vanilla extract, it is advisable to purchase Vanilla bean pods for sale of Vanilla Planifolia variety only.  You can easily purchase this variety from the online marketplace at affordable rates. The online suppliers supply vanilla beans both in small and large quantities as per customers’ requirements.