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Let’s churn out some lip-smacking recipe with Vanilla Beans


If you are someone who loves dishing out and surprising your relatives and friends with yummy dishes, then this one is for you. One of the most used ingredients and most popular, you will hardly find sweets, perfumes, candles, etc. that do not have vanilla essence in it. You will find its uses in the kitchen, skin, and hair too, that not only tastes delicious but smells good too.

Using the Pods to Make that Perfect Recipe

Do not stash away the pods waiting for that special day or for that perfect recipe. The shelf life for the Vanilla beans is quite low. One fine day you might find them shrivelled and dry. So as soon as you get the pods, start planning to prepare something nice and exotic. If you are not aware of how to work out with pods, then here it goes. After getting the pods delivered to you, cut them lengthwise, and you will find innumerable tiny seeds. The fragrance of which will be filling up your home and kitchen. We know you are loving the aroma. But it is time to make use of it without drooling away in the fragrance. Check out if it is flexible and moist, which characterizes a good vanilla pod. You can use these fresh pod seeds for any recipe where it says to use vanilla extract. You will be amazed by the fragrance and taste of these freshly peeled pods. Even the outer shell has its uses, as well as that of the pods.

The Most Sought-after and the Most Expensive

After saffron, vanilla is the most expensive spice. But even though it is pricey, nothing can diminish its essence and importance in the recipes and cookery. The reason behind the price is because of two factors- the climate, and labour-intensive production. The hot, humid climate favours the growth of the beans and hence one can find them being harvested in tropical countries.

Types of Vanilla Flavouring in the Market

Vanilla pod or vanilla beans are found in an airtight container or vial or vacuum packed. Do not buy dried-out vanilla beans for they lose their flavour. After buying remember to put them in a cool dark place at home, and get it from a certified one. You can use it in desserts such as vanilla pudding or stewed fruits and also in vanilla buttercream. There are various dishes or recipes where you can use the pod to put a flavour to various foods.

Many More Uses of the Pods

You can use the leftover vanilla beans to prepare sugar. It is very simple, just put a scraped vanilla pod into the can of sugar. Let it get settled, seal it for a week. Open it after a week, take the aroma of the sugar. Use it in coffee, in baking, or any other dessert to get that wonderful vanilla flavor.

Prepare your vanilla extract. It is quite easy and saves your trip to the store. What’s more, you get a fresh extract at home that is much better than the one you will find in the store. Put water and add sugar into it. Caramelize the entire potion and then add vanilla beans seeds and pods. You can also prepare homemade vanilla simple or maple syrup. To add flavor to your homemade cocktails, just some scraped vanilla pods. You can also add the pods into your maple syrup, store them in the fridge for a week, and pour it on your favourite food to get that exquisite flavour that you love so much.

You also get vanilla seed paste. Again just like the pods, it adds a great taste and brownish colour to your dish. It is similar to that of vanilla extract, just one teaspoon is enough to bring flavour to your dish.

The beans are used as powder, essence, or extract and are one of the best ways to impart flavour to your food or any other ingredients. Don’t get the readymade ones, go for the fresh ones.