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Vanilla Bean: One Ingredient Suitable to Make Lip-Smacking Desserts


Have you ever wondered how one ingredient like vanilla beans can be used for preparing different kinds of mouth-watering recipes? If yes, this is the right time to think and act. The reason is Vanilla beans are extremely versatile ingredients used for making different kinds of desserts like ice-cream, pancakes, puddings, etc. These beans are available in the marketplace in different varieties and in two grades- A and B. Both the grades are ideal for preparing sweet recipes. Based on your requirement, prefer purchasing the right variety of beans as different kinds of beans have different flavors and aromas.

Different Varieties of Vanilla Beans

In the marketplace, you will find different varieties of beans such as Tahitian beans, Madagascar Bourbon beans, Indonesian beans, etc. All the beans have different aromas. For instance, Madagascar Bourbon beans have fruity and floral aroma and make a perfect choice for preparing ice-cream. On the other hand, Tahitian beans have sweet flavor and are ideal to use for puddings.

All varieties of vanilla bean pods are available in two grades- Grade A and Grade B. The Grade A beans are premium quality beans and also known as gourmet beans. The grade B beans are inferior quality beans and are commonly used for preparing extract and vanilla sugar. The basic differences between Grade A and Grade B beans are moisture and appearance. The Grade A beans are high on moisture content, say 25-30% whereas the Grade B beans have lesser moisture content, say 15-20%. Moreover, the former beans have no imperfections. They have no marks, blemishes and have very oily appearance whereas the Grade B beans have marks and imperfections due to which they are inexpensive. All the beans have longer shelf life say up to 1 year if stored properly in a cool and dark place.

The vanilla bean pods are available both in online and offline marketplace. However, if you want to get the good discount, prefer purchasing it from the online marketplace. The online vanilla beans’ suppliers offer both Grade A and Grade B beans of different varieties at inexpensive rates. You need to select a reputed online supplier and place your order online. The suppliers will deliver the bean pods at the doorsteps within a few working days.