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Tahitian Vanilla Beans: High-Quality & Expensive Beans with Fruity Flavor


Did you know Tahitian Vanilla beans are one of the highest quality beans in the world? Did you know these beans are more expensive than Indonesian beans? If no, this guide can be an eye-opener for you. Tahitian vanilla beans have an incredible floral aroma with some hints of chocolate, caramel and licorice. These beans are dark brown or black in color and have an oily surface. It consists of millions of tiny vanilla seeds, which need to scrap for preparing various dishes. Some other important pieces of information about these supreme quality beans are as follows:

  1. It is available in Grade A and Grade B forms in the market.
  2. The Grade A beans are 16-18 cm long i.e. 6-7 inches long.
  3. The moisture content of Grade A beans is 30-35% whereas the Grade B beans have 20-25% moisture content.
  4. The flavor profile of both the grades is cherries, floral, sweet and fruity.
  5. Due to incredible aroma and sweet flavor, Tahitian vanilla beans are used for preparing scores of desserts such as ice-creams, cookies and cupcakes.

Due to all these qualities, these beans are rated as high-quality beans. Now, let’s uncover the reason why it is more expensive than its counterpart.

The first reason is these beans are enormous in size i.e. they are huge. These beans are two or three times more plumpier than other beans and thus contain millions of caviar seeds. The second reason is higher production cost. The farmers of Tahiti really work hard for developing the variety; therefore they are not ready to sell their produce at any price. They always sell Tahitian vanilla beans pods at expensive rates as they are really proud of their products.

So, you need to contact reputed online suppliers for purchasing these beans at the best rates.  Look for such a supplier that fulfils both retail and commercial needs of customers. The reason is such vanilla bean supplier will maintain the stock of high-quality beans and offer fast doorstep delivery to its customers. Once you purchase the beans, the choice is yours either to enjoy its ice-cream or flavored coffee by preparing the vanilla bean powder.