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Purchase Grade B Vanilla Beans for Preparing Its Extract at Home



If you are thinking to buy Vanilla beans for preparing homemade extract, it is indeed a good idea.  When you prepare the extract at home, you are well aware about all ingredients and therefore you get the purest form of the extract. On the other hand, readymade vanilla extracts contain scores of ingredients and many added chemicals and preservatives, which are not healthy. And most importantly, making homemade extract is very cost-efficient as you only need a few of the ingredients. So, let’s dive straight into the materials required for preparing homemade vanilla extract.

The list is as follows:

  1. Vanilla beans: In the market, you will find both Grade A and Grade B vanilla beans but for extract, the later is the good choice. The Grade B beans are plump, generous size and even dried also and this made them an ideal choice for preparing extract. You can choose any variety from Madagascar, Tahitian and Mexican.
  2. Vodka: Most of the vanilla extracts made from vodka but you can even try making it from bourbon, rum or brandy instead as per your taste. Do not commit a mistake of preparing it from alcohol as you cannot drink it. If you are using vodka, you can even use an average quality which you can even mixed in a cocktail.  The mid-quality vodka will also work and does not affect the taste and appearance of extract as it gets the flavor from the beans.
  3. Jars or Glass bottles: Prefer storing the vanilla extract in jars or glass bottles having a tight seal and convenient swing top.
  4. Funnel: If you pour the extract from the funnel in the bottle, it eases the task of pouring.

If you are preparing Vanilla beans for extract of the first time, the chances are high that you do not get the desired result in the first attempt. Therefore, buy Grade B vanilla beans in the large quantity to eliminate the possibility of placing repeated orders. You can buy high quality vanilla beans from the online suppliers at affordable rates. So, if you have time and you love cooking, make your homemade vanilla extract to add in desserts.

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