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4 ways to use vanilla bean powder for that potent flavour in your recipe


When powdered, vanilla beans give that pungent yet flavourful taste, and can withstand heat rather than vanilla extract. One of the most versatile ingredients that should feature in every kitchen pantry. In addition to baking recipes, it can be used as a natural sweetener too. The purest form of the powder comes from vanilla beans that are dehydrated and then finely grounded.

Here are a few ideas of how to use Vanilla bean powder in your recipe.

  • Just use half and it renders great taste- Substitute powder for extract and you will get a great taste. For one the powder can withstand heat for a longer time. So add the powder to tapioca, cookies, rice pudding, or just sprinkle the powder over icecream and cakes.
  • Have a cup of strong coffee with vanilla flavour- Brew your coffee and add some vanilla bean powder to it and have a rejuvenated feeling.
  • For gifting purposes- Just take a quarter teaspoon of the powder per cup of salt or sugar. Then mix it nicely and put it into half-pint jars. Write a wish or a quote on the side of the jar, accessorize it with a beautiful sticker or a ribbon, and gift it. Your loved one is going to love you to the core.
  • Revive some of the recipes of the 90s- Roast lobster with vanilla sauce, Savoury Lobster bread pudding with vanilla chive sauce, and lobster Ravioli with vanilla butter sauce, get these famous right and more flavourful with some sprinkled vanilla bean powder on it.

The powder is a wonderful luxury for both food and baking needs. Since it is unadulterated and pure it lends flavour and a distinct aroma to anything that is cooked or baked. When you use the powdered form, you do not need to use the additional liquid in any recipe. However, the powder comes in two types. One is a whitish-beige substance and the other one is grounded dried vanilla beans. It is the powdered form that can only add flavour and aroma to anything that you are baking or cooking. This is black and is quite pricey, but that is what is going to flavour your food. While the white bean powder is used as a substitute for sugar in the recipe.

Go for the powder vanilla for that intense richness, sweetness, and aromatic, and can be stored for two years.