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If you have already purchased vanilla beans multiple types, then you are aware about the differences between Grade A and Grade B beans. Though all beans belong to Mexico, they are cultivated in different regions. The climate and soil quality of these growing regions affect the characteristics of beans. This is the main reason that one vanilla bean differs from others based upon visual appearance, flavour and aromatic profiles. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans Grade B is one of the most common beans you will come across.

Characteristics of Vanilla Beans Grade B

  1. These beans look less attractive than Grade A owing to the less presence of moisture. The Grade B beans contain 15-25% of moisture content.
  2. They are small in size and contain some imperfections like spots, blemishes, etc.
  3. Every kind of grade B beans including Tahitian Bourbon Gourmet Vanilla Beans are ideal for making vanilla extract but not suitable for cooking and baking purposes.
  4. These beans are 3-5 inches long and have creamy, smooth and sweet flavour
  5. One can easily purchase these beans in various sizes like 3 beans, 2 oz., 1 LBS, 2 LBS, etc.
  6. They are dark brown in color and need to store in a cool and dry place for prolonged usage.

The Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Grade B are processed using the unique curing method- Bourbon. For using these beans, cut end off the beans and slice through it lengthwise. Remove the paste present inside it and use as per your requirements. Besides making vanilla extract, these beans can make a good addition to coffee grinds and make the beverage quite flavourful. One can easily purchase these high quality beans from reputed suppliers at affordable rates. The commercial users should place the order for the best quality of Grade B beans to reputed suppliers as they are competent to meet their bulk demands.

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